The 2020/2021 grant cycle will open on October 1, 2020 with applications due on November 16, 2020.

You can read all about the Cultural Council grant process here or you can download the full LCC Program Regulations and Guidelines here. Applications are now online only; you can apply here.

Please read our local parameters. Understanding these parameters will give you the best chance of receiving a grant from the GLCC.

The Greenfield Local Cultural supports all forms of culture, including heritage and natural history, performing and visual arts, participatory and experimental events. If you are unsure whether your proposal fits within the scope of this grant, please contact us so we can help! Due to our deep commitment to the quality of life in Greenfield, our funding priorities are to support Greenfield-based artists, performers, and venues although others may apply. We are especially interested in proposals that include a public art component, that enhance the local economy or add value to existing initiatives, and that reach the broadest possible audience. Organizations or individuals that have already received funding for three years in a row will receive lower priority. The GLCC does not accept retroactive applications. A secured venue for programs is required and all programs must take place in Greenfield. Thanks for your interest!

Local Guidelines:

If an applicant feels that a program will provide public benefit to more than one community, they may submit an application to more than one LCC. You can find a list of all the Local Cultural Councils here.