Greenfield Gateway Sculpture Competition Seeks Proposals

The Greenfield Gateway Sculpture Project announces its first competition for sculptures designed to welcome visitors and residents to Greenfield. Over the next four years, the Project plans to site four sculptures in key areas around town. The first sculpture will be placed on Deerfield Street on the open area near the corner of Meridian Street in fall 2013.

“We are really excited about getting this project started,” said Caitlin von Schmidt, Chair of the Greenfield Cultural Council. “There are so many accomplished artists in Western Mass. This is an opportunity to create a permanent piece of art that will kick off this ambitious project and be part of the town’s identity for many years to come.”

The Project is open to all Western Mass artists. Applications, including 2 or 3 dimensional models of the planned sculpture, are due on February 4, 2013. The call to artists is here or by contacting Susan Worgaftik at

“This is a community effort which we hope will involve everyone,” said Worgaftik. “A review committee will go through all the applications and chose the two or three that they believe represent Greenfield best. Then, in March, the community as a whole will be able to vote for their choices. The result of the vote will be announced in April.”

Becky George, another member of the Project Committee, noted, “All sculptures will be permanent celebrations of Greenfield’s history, future, commitment to the environment, local agriculture, place in the county as a crossroads or some aspect of town life. It is a very open canvas and we are looking for ideas that help us see our town from fresh perspectives.”

The community vote will take place during March, 2013. The winning sculpture will be announced on April 20, 2013 at the little e (formerly the Green Fair and Home Show) at the Franklin County Fairgrounds.

For more information, contact Susan Worgaftik at


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